Tony and His Real Ale. Stranger # 24

Tony and His Real Ale. Stranger # 24
Image by johngarghan
I had to meet my mate in the pub and I rescued him from over an hours conversation of Aircrafts, Buses, Beer Festivals of the World and Real Ale, I didn’t know Tony but George used to work with him, I tried to introduce Tony to the excellent Bus collection of my Flickr contact Lady Wulfren but he hasn’t got a computer and it all sounded too complicated

I ‘m asking complete strangers who have the photogenic something if they would like their photo taken.and therefore join 100 Strangers Project.
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Tony is Stranger #24

11 thoughts on “Tony and His Real Ale. Stranger # 24

  1. You are doing really well with these mate. He looks a real character and the image evokes the ‘feel’ of an old English pub. I can almost hear Eddie booth’s mate saying "I’ll ave a arf’!!

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