°|°|°| (Trying weird stuff)

°|°|°| (Trying weird stuff)
Image by ~ Taly ~
Sunsets, flowers, macros, raindrops, close ups of bugs, selfportraits in black and white…

You can see those shots in almost every photostream. When you are learning, you try and imitate everything you see. And that’s precisely how you learn.

But today i was out in my backyard with my camera and i took a picture of one little flower with a great bokeh in the background. Then i thought: "do i really need to take ANOTHER picture like this? I know how to take them and i know how to process them already!".

So what if i try to think (or see?) outside the box for a change?

I’ll probably keep taking the cliché shots. I like them, and i want to keep learning. But sometimes, i want to force myself to forget the rules and try new weird stuff.

Let’s see how it goes.

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