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I always pass him every morning at the side road of Magay Compostela. Almost a year I am planning to have a photoshoot with him but it seems I am so afraid. I am thinking what if he gets upset to me, when he saw me pointing a big DSLR camera to him and he will run after me? I am waiting for the right moment also that when I pass I have enough morning light to have a good exposure, as I dont want to use flash so not to catch his attention.

This morning when I pass in his place in the side road, the light was good enough to have an exposure and my photography instinct surpasses all my fears. I turned on my camera while I am nearing ready for the action. I stopped right in front of him. He was so busy preparing to eat his breakfast. I saw him squatting and opening a small plastic which I guess it was his viand we locally called "ginamos" meaning salty anchovies. I got this as an opportunity to have some shots as he did not noticed me.

But after I have about 10 shots, he noticed me. I am waiting what will he do next. I smiled to him and said "good morning". Can I have a photo shoot with you? He stand up and come nearer to me and he smiled, thus I got so many shots of him standing.

Now I see at close all his "blingblings".

Believe me, he is harmless, he smiled to me, and I said to him: What is your viand? He answered to me "ginamos". To my happiness I tried to give him money which he happily accepted. I bid him goodbye and I am so happy when I left, that at last my long time wish to have a photograph of him come true this morning.

They had the bad genes, whether they like it or not they were the victims of injustice. We often don’t know their names. They are often neglected, shunned, as if they were not individuals worthy of respect.

But I was fascinated of how they live in style, how they struggle in this harsh world of sane people. They are WORTHY of our respect.

I never call them crazy. They are victims of injustice.

Soon, as the Bible foretold at Isaiah 33:24 which said: "And no resident will say: “I am sick." This sickness free world will not be achieved by a human ruler but with Jesus Christ’s heavenly kingdom. This kingdom is what we always prayed in the common prayer taught to us since childhood the "Our Father Prayer" when we always say: "Thy Kingdom Come." That heavenly kingdom ruled by Jesus Christ will wipe out every sickness known to man today. Why we can guarantee that Jesus Christ can do this to mankind? It is because he already healed every sort of sickness when he was on earth. Those are the foretaste of what will he do soon. That is good news. If you want to learn more how this Government of Jesus Christ will help you, study your Bible, and Jehovah’s Witnesses near you will be happy to help you learn about it FREE OF CHARGE. Hurry while there is still time.


  1. I have seen in other shots of yours and your natural ability to be a photojournalist. To me this is probably the highlight of your shooting. Many people can shoot pretty pictures but very few are photo-journalistic in their approach. From your various calls in the FS and your shots of study and now this, maybe you need to give more consideration to more shots like this. You could start studies with people doing this and also record many situations with a theocratic overtone. That is just a suggestion but you have a hidden ability in you.

  2. very nice this is a beautiful example of photography as an art form. how beautiful peoples lives could be if they learned what Jehovah is doing in our behalf

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