Weird Birdie

Weird Birdie
Image by uBookworm
This strange bird visited my parents’ back yard (in northern Illinois) for about three days and disappeared. It has fairly thick beaks, white patches around the eyes, extremely long claws (possibly an unhealthy growth? It was having hard time walking.), and distinctive scale pattern on the belly. It is smaller than a common sparrow, although it kind of looks chunky. Our Kaufman’s bird guide doesn’t list him–does anyone know what he is?

One thought on “Weird Birdie

  1. It turned out to be a nutmeg mannikin, probably an escapee from captivity. Nutmeg mannikins aren’t native to the U.S. (they live in Asia), but are sold in pet shops. According to the informant, birds in captivity often develop long claws as seen on this one.

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