Weird Border Experiment #2

Weird Border Experiment #2
Image by normalityrelief
So. This is my Weird Border Experiment #2. I don’t typically feel the need to have weird borders, but often I see photos out in Flickrland that have weird borders that really do enhance the overall goodness of an already good photo. So I’m trying. I kinda like this one, but there’s something about it I don’t like that I can’t put my finger on. It’s bugging me. Hopefully one of my hella-cool Flickr buddies will be frank enough with me to tell me what it is.

Of course, if you feel it’s absolutely perfect & nothing in the world could make it any more glorious than it already is, you’re welcome to tell me that too, though I may question your taste 馃槈

Critique it large on black

4 thoughts on “Weird Border Experiment #2

  1. Nice weird border! It works very well.
    The only thing is that the detail in the bit down the right hand side is a bit distracting, but apart from that, I like it! And I don’t think my taste is too bad 馃槈

  2. Hmmmmm you know, I think I agree with you Alice. I was browsing through photos of friends of friends yesterday & came across someone who made good use of this style of border, but now you mention it, I think it would be better suited to shots with less going on at the edges.

    Thanks for that, that really helped!

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