Weird Bugs

Weird Bugs
Image by Joi
I found these weird bugs on my favorite tree. Does anyone know what these are? Are they "good bugs" or "bad bugs"? They look evil. Especially with that queen-like one in the middle…

Click "ALL SIZES" above to see a even bigger picture…

17 thoughts on “Weird Bugs

  1. Those are REALLY mean bugs. Not that I know what they are, but I can sense their evil intentions and dark energy flowing out from my computer.

  2. you are all correct.
    1) they want our medulla obl0ngatas. no reason.
    2) we must destroy them.
    3) evil.
    4) takenoko no bugoshiru.

    thank you.

  3. These appear to be (appropriately 🙂 a variety of assassin bugs; the ridged detailing on the abdomen is the giveaway. I could be wrong, though. Where’s the entomologists when you need them?

  4. Setting aside all the fun comments you would think someone on here knows what these bugs are? I have never seen bugs like this before. I had a quick browse here but could not find anything.

  5. Reducing the context:

    It’s not a bug, but an insect (6 legs). We are making progress. It seems it’s a tree type insect and not a necessary dirt one 😉

    ok I sent an email to the Montreal’s Insectarium.


    Dear people of the insectarium,

    we are trying to identify an insect, could you help us in this adventure?

    The "beast" is at

    Best Regards

    We will see if it’s working.

  6. Actually, there has been a discussion on my blog. They are most likely "Agriosphodrus dohrni" a kind of Assassin Bug. They are predators. Most eat pests, but some suck blood of animals including humans. This particular one is probably just a pest eater. They are not indigenous to Japan and as far as I can tell, only this one type of Assassin Bug exists in Japan although there seem to be a great variety overseas.

  7. karlcow,

    Bugs also have six legs. Bugs are a subset of insects.

    The thing to watch out for is spiders, which have eight legs and are arachnids.

  8. Now you’re bugging him. "Bug" is the preferred term because it can be used as a verb. And bugs are meant to be vulgar (see: insect porn).

    Now, Joi, your little dudes definitely are up to something. They have battle lines drawn, and they are clearly scheming.

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