weird but cool

weird but cool
Image by bright side dweller
I kept apologizing for this outfit all day… saying "I know this outfit is weird, but I like it." I realize now that that was just a silly thing to do, and this outfit was great and needed no disclaimer. And it was great because I wholeheartedly think it’s great, and that’s what matters. Because this is about PERSONAL style.

h&m striped tee
mystery locket
thrifted vintage tuxedo vest
thrifted handmade circle skirt
born "bitsy" boots via
lookmatic "dane" glasses

3 thoughts on “weird but cool

  1. I don’t think it’s weird. The shapes are very "you" and the only unusual thing is having both stripes and flowers, but that doesn’t look wrong to me, just interesting. You often get pattern mixes like that on children’s clothes so why shouldn’t adults join in the fun? I think the fact that the waistcoat stops the patterns from actually touching stops it from being too visually "busy".

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