Weird duck

Weird duck
Image by gwen
Gwen: there was also a funny light tan & white larger duck with a big fuzzy tuft atop its head
Mary: fuzzy tuft? *ponder*
Mary: (some birds have their fancy colors in the summer, duck-like birds tend to be fancier in winter)
Gwen: there were several of them that looked similar but only one with the tuft
Gwen: here’s a shot
Mary: That’s not a wild duck, it’s some weird domestic hybrid 🙂
Mary: Looks half mallard (wild), half something someone dropped off in the lake
Mary: Ducks cross breed very easily

[my photos from 1st Oakland flickr photo meetup at Lake Merritt]

first Oakland flickr photo meetup — other sets on flickr

2 thoughts on “Weird duck

  1. You have found a crested duck.

    The crest is a genetic trait so any duck with that trait can pass it on. If you look at the ducks at that link you will see there is a variety of ducks sporting a crest and that the crests come in different sizes and shapes.

    The colors of this duck are similar to the colors of the fawn and white runner duck but the shape of the duck is not. It may be a duck with a crested duck and a runner duck parent that has inherited the runner colors but in other respects looks like a crested duck.

    This is a nice crest by the way, I had a runner duck with the crested gene whose crest was barely visible. There are some pictures of her in that set along with some links in comment to another crested duck that was found in a public place.

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