Weird Flaws

Weird Flaws
Image by It’sGreg
The old glass of my mirror has weird flaws and unaccountably discolored patches. It’s more useful than a fun-house mirror, but not nearly so amusing.

26 thoughts on “Weird Flaws

  1. Great image! That’s how old mirrors are. I had a similiar mirror on a dresser in the house I grew up in. The flaws looked very similiar to this mirror. I wish I had taken it with me when I moved out in ’87. One of the regrets of my life. haha

  2. Those are rips in the fabric of space. Do not get too close, as you could be pulled through into another dimension. Ooops. Too late.

  3. Would my personal flaws be reflected in a flawed mirror or just mitigated because of the flaws? Two flaws equal a positive maybe? Positively flawed?

    OK, now I’ll stop.

  4. I love the character of an old mirror… especially when the silver starts to crack and flake off… I have a collection of disintegrating hand mirrors I love. It’s like looking into another dimension.

    My favorite is the full length one I have that is warped to make me look just a little thinner…

    You look amazing, regardless of the reflective surface.

  5. oh, that killer glance over the top of your glasses is quite fun.
    I love old mirrors. One even gets so used to the weird undulations and color that they become almost unnoticeable after a while.

  6. Thanks everybody. You know it’s time for a haircut when you have to hold your hair out of your face in order to see well enough to shoot the photo.

  7. eventually all mirrors want to reflect the sky so they begin slowly showing the clouds and weather of their inner souls. wonderful way to present this.

  8. Because … I’m adding this to my growing collection of photos of beautiful men! (And I’m trying to take some more too!)

  9. I love those strange eroded patches. I’ve done a few where my face becomes part of the imperfection. Nice composition on this one

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