weird freaky

weird freaky
Image by Joits
i don’t know what the hell they are… but they’re sort of cute… in a weird, freaky sort of way

10 thoughts on “weird freaky

  1. I guess they are beaubeaver… china is pulling out all the stops to market the 2008 olympic games

    cinemafia… yup, it was a bit bizarre… interesting how there were at least five flickr people there and we didn’t have any official meeting or anything! hehe

  2. These are really freaky .. they are EVERYWHERE …in China … there is a whole shop dedicated to them at each of the principal chinese airports …

  3. cinemafia… ah well… at least with us being separated, we got different perspectives and views of the parade

    see… i knew they were freaky looking… thanks for letting us know that there was a store for them T in CHINA

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