weird games

weird games
Image by emdot
so i took a picture too. 🙂

23 thoughts on “weird games

  1. did the guy in the pharmacy write that on the car so that people would stop long enough for him to take their photo?


  2. very odd! one day when i was standing across the street from that pharmacy with a group of friends we noticed a very strange man with a camcorder and camera videotaping and photographing people. when he turned his devices on us we left. maybe he’s playing whist or old maid with me now! shivers. 😉

  3. I would stake out this vehicle waiting for the owner. Do you think they’d mind if you took a couple photos of them? Just for your friends on the internet, of course.

  4. hey mary — yours is the second story i’ve received basically saying that yeah the guy in there is taking photos and is a weirdo. so perhaps this bonnet speaks the truth. 🙂

    orrin, come on up. bring your camera and that cute baby.

  5. So is that car always parked across from that pharmacy… what if it was driven to somewhere else coincidentally near an innocent pharmacist.

  6. But wait, if that car is to believed then it is obvious that the owner of that car is in on it. Clearly they wrote on their car to get you to stop so that the man in the Pharmacy can take your picture for his WEIRD GAMES!


  7. I wonder if he posts them on YouTube???? Or has a flickr account! Maybe it’s an artist and they’re doing an interactive piece?

    Remind me NOT to stop and read!! But a chalkboard for a car hood is pretty cool! I’d write backwards so people driving in front of me could read it in their rear view mirror at stop lights. " )

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