weird hk/cat toy mashup

weird hk/cat toy mashup
Image by Rakka
i swear to you on a stack of p.g. wodehouse books that i was moving stuff around, looked down and saw my cd player laying on top of the cat’s "mouse pad" like this. (mouse pad=a mouse shaped thing with a bell and puff on a spring. (well, they are script kitties, you know… HHAHAHAHA!!))

anyway, i moved it to a better lighted place and took a shot because it was too weird looking not to share.

11 thoughts on “weird hk/cat toy mashup

  1. hehe!!! that’s ace, Rakka!

    and speaking of mashups, for those Rolf "Tie me Kangaroo Down, Sport" Harris fans out there: 100 evil breakcore mashups over at the charmingly named Shitmat’s webby site: … it’s Art, Dahlings. Enjoy. Hilarious stuff.

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