Weird Horror Tales Review 2013

Weird Horror Tales Review 2013
Image by Michael Vance1
5.0 out of 5 stars Bone Chilling Collection of Eldritch Tales!!!!, November 13, 2013
By bigbopper52
The golden age of pulp horror fiction lives on in this collection of short stories by MIchael Vance. While Vance shows the influence of past masters like Lovecraft, Bloch, Howard and Bradbury,Vance’s writing stands on it’s own. While some of his prose leans towards the poetic style of Bradbury, his plotting calls to mind the clean but detailed method of Derleth. As well as writing fiction, Vance is known as a scholar of comic book history and many of these stories have been adapted into this format and are also highly recommended. A great read and sure to please fans of weird fiction!!!

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  1. Thanks for your interest. Weird Horror Tales is the first of a trilogy of book I wrote–Weird Horror Tales: The Feasting, Weird Horror Tales Light’s End complete the set.

    You may order from me if you want it signed, or from Airship 27, the publisher, or from Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

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