weird house/bunker

weird house/bunker
Image by paul goyette
drove by this the other day in oak park and had to get out and snap a quick shot. it’s right at greenfield and fair oaks.

13 thoughts on “weird house/bunker

  1. Wow. I can’t believe that house is still there. I used to pass by it occasionally when I lived in Oak Park, but I was never able to remember exactly where it was.

  2. Wow…(what Pantagrapher says) I can’t believe it’s still there and doesn’t look worse for wear. I remember when it was being built. An early "green" house. Solar I believe was the original intent.
    I think it was built in 1979 or 1980?

  3. I worked for this architect by the name of Errol Jay Kirsch – that was a long time ago and I admired the man and his architecture!

  4. Architect Errol J Kirsch also designed the "Cairo house" with the same material & style in River Forest at 1042 Lathrop. ICON HOUSE(Google street view it before gone) House went on market after original owners were not well, then builder bought it to fix up, but it sat…RF had to knock it down finally in 2010, with neighbors blessings…Just like Lloyd Frank structures 100 years earlier, futuristic shaped roof and walls succumbed to weathering early on. The couple had theirs built after loving original in OP pictured above. They owned a well known small Italian sandwich shop at OakPk & Roosevelt for years. Even with houses shortcomings, they enjoyed it everyday but needed running contracts with local painter and neighborhood stucco/drywalls after a rainfall… The one in O.P. is growing mold on it’s slanted stucco walls. [effect like living vine,cool but destructive] I first seen in mid/late 1970s by checking out a cool Christmas decorated house down block. THE MOTHER SHIP HAS ARRIVED.

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