Weird plant fruit – stage 3 of 4

Weird plant fruit – stage 3 of 4
Image by Happy Sleepy
I have yet to look up this plant to get it’s name – I saw it repeatedly throughout Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and was able to shoot progressive stages of the development of the compound fruit on this really weird bloom.

This photo shows a section of a foot long (30cm) stem that is about 2 inches (5cm) thick.

The colours were really intense and beautiful, and of course the texture.

At this stage it is getting a bit softer and feels really full of water..

The colours have deepened to dark wine and there are red nubs and some are still green.

What is going on!

6 thoughts on “Weird plant fruit – stage 3 of 4

  1. Hmmm… I’m going to have to reach into the archives to see if there are any foliage photos. The leaves were very large and glossy. The whole thing was the size of a small shrub.

    Thanks for the effort!

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