Weird shit I see on campus

Weird shit I see on campus
Image by Mark Drechsler
Yes, I know this is an absolute rubbish photo, but I’ve added it here because I promised the two young ladies I would. The photo is rubbish because my hands were literally shaking as I took the photo, mainly because I dared myself to go up and ask if I could take their picture (on the basis that this was the weirdest shit I had seen on a Uni campus at 8:30 in the a.m.). I was terrified that they would think I was some dirty old perv, rather than someone who just likes taking pictures of all the weird stuff I see, and tell me to sod off or scream or something. They didn’t, and here is the proof.

I also saw a Santa drinking Red Bull, a Wonderwoman and a Sumo, but by the time I’d overcome my shock of actually asking these two if I could take their picture then I was too late to get pictures of them.

Thanks ladies 🙂

7 thoughts on “Weird shit I see on campus

  1. I know what you mean … I saw a nicely built young man in a bavarian milk maid costume … did you get to the bottom of what was going on?

  2. Apparently it was the last day of term for the Undergrads, hence all the costumes. Pretty cool – don’t remember anything like this happening when I was at Uni 🙂

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