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I found this weird spider on his web secured on the Mango Tree. I dont know whats this spider’s name. Its much smaller that a corn kernel.

But look at closely its amazing design and color. This gives praise to the Creator, our God Jehovah. Rev 4:11.

9 thoughts on “WEIRD SPIDER

  1. Fantastic! It looks almost like a little toy or a tie pin. Such a cute and amazing creature. Great macro too. Yes all Jehovah’s creations are so awesome, especially the tiny ones! Love it.

    Well done!


  2. It looks like it has been eating mango….or it could be a the spider that ate the silk worm. Keep up looking and recording nature this close.

    Where was this earthquake in relation to you?

  3. Hahaha, yes its color suggest its eating mango, but I saw his ref and he captured a fly.

    We are hit by intensity 5 at 11:49am yesterday. But the epicenter in between Cebu and Negros island was hit by intensity 7. As of this morning Philvolcs recorder 734 smaller after shock. In fact last night while we are having our Family Worship, we felt 2 aftershocks intensity 3.

    There was a false Tsunami Panic at Cebu City yesterday, when one man shouted "Tsunami is coming!" and more people came to the streets and rushing to run for their life going up to the high grounds. There is no Tsunami happened. But so far 52 people are dead on the places where the earthquake occur due to landslides and a high concrete fence that collapsed to their houses.

    So far we are okay, and this Sunday we are scheduled to attend a Zone Visit hooked up to us via telephone from Manila. We will be back at Hoops Dome, the venue of our recent CA.

    Thanks for your concern, my brother.

  4. Hope all is well with you and all of our bros. and sis. This is a beautiful and unusual spider, I love insects except for cucarachas, I panic when I see one.

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