Weird War American V3

Weird War American V3
Image by (vhmh)
Hey guys here is the V3 of my Weird War American. I decided to take Pedro’s suggestion (Thanks man) and added a helmet. I also added a sheath for the knife. Again inspired by Pecovam, Shobrick, Mclovin and PEDRO-79.

21 thoughts on “Weird War American V3

  1. [] Yeah I got (I think two) why you ask?
    [] Thanks man! BTW thanks for the tip!
    [] [] Thanks guys!

  2. [] Thanks man!
    [] Maybe let me make sure how many I have ATM. ok?

  3. []
    I think you mean Russian commando, unless of course the American commando stole it from a German Commando who stole it from a Russian commando. *commandoception.

    Any ways, the fig looks really great! I love the e-tape additions like the helmet straps and the sheath!

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