Weird/cool connection I found….

Weird/cool connection I found….
Image by (vhmh)
If you have two assassin masks, you can "click them together like so. I think you could use this in a build possibly. Some builder will utilize this in some way! Anyway I am on a little vacation at the moment so don’t expect any activity from me until monday. Still working on alpha just wanted to show this before I modded the black mask. To Ryan: What do think of this, weird, right?


4 thoughts on “Weird/cool connection I found….

  1. I’ve done that before with my two white ones (Before I modded one for my secret project) and made a weird wreath-like thing on a house, but the picture somehow got deleted after I took down the house :T Oh well, glad someone finally posted it! 🙂

  2. Haha, sometimes our manufacturer sends us the Assassin Masks stuck together like this. It makes packing the orders so much more fun when you have to pry apart the items!

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