What the hell is this thing?

What the hell is this thing?
Image by churl
I’m all cool with the new construction but what the hell is this thing?

10 thoughts on “What the hell is this thing?

  1. According to this press release, "“Care has been taken with the building design to fit into the neighborhood skyline,” says Kasdin. “The below-ground-level auditorium adds a sculptural design element in front of the building, while landscaping and benches will enhance the comfortable environment for students, faculty and staff."

  2. "…the Regents had named Polshek Partnership Architects of New York, NY, as the building’s architect."

    Ah, my mistake. It’s a strange blob designed by Polshek Partnership Architects.

  3. I happen to live in the brick building in the background, and yes, everyone in Couzens Hall refers to that thing as "the big pringle"

    BTW, last time I took a picture of that, A guy came running out from the powerplant asking if I had taken pictures of the plant.

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