When Time Falls Apart

When Time Falls Apart
Image by M I T C H Ǝ L L
No photoshop or tricks here. Just thought this was really weird. They’re for seconds apart, have the same aperture (f/1.8), and the same numbers were showing. The only difference was shutter speed. The left was 1/100 and the right was 1/60. Pretty strange.

One thought on “When Time Falls Apart

  1. What you’ve captured here is basically the electrical scan rate of the LED segments. Had you taken the image on the left a few milliseconds later the missing segments of the numbers would be lit and these segments not lit. The clock circuitry powers set segments alternately at 50 alternating cycles per second, faster than the eye can see, creating the illusion of being steadily lit.

    The shorter exposure just caught the groups of segments in one condition, whereas the 1/60th sec exposue was so long that the segments did enough cycles to look steady before the shutter closed.

    If you hold the clock in front of you, fix your gaze forwards and sweep the display left or right quickly you’ll notice a kind of strobing, stuttering effect, which is for exactly the same reason.

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