Winch, Workwear, Weird Object

Winch, Workwear, Weird Object
Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
We’ve met Mr Meardon before at various dates in June 1906. He was owner/manager of Bunmahon/Bonmahon Copper Mines in Co. Waterford, and looks particularly impressive here with his rolled up plans and thoughtful expression – dreaming of establishing diamond mines in far-off places perhaps…

A Mr Jackson also appears in this photograph, presumably the chap in the full sou’wester gear? Anyway, I liked this one for the winch, the early 20th century workwear, and the weird object in the hand of the chap in the thigh-high rubber galoshes. Anyone any ideas as to what it is?

Date: Wednesday, 6 June 1906

NLI Ref.: P_WP_1560

25 thoughts on “Winch, Workwear, Weird Object

  1. [] Great suggestion, Dru! So the white tubey thing would be the candle itself? Slightly disappointed though, I hoped for something exotic…

  2. He’s holding two things, a candle spike and a folding ruler. The man at right of shot also has a ruler. You know the ones with brass hinges, like this:

    Antiques Collectible folding wooden ruler opening

  3. The guy you’ve tagged as Mr Jackson also appears in the image []

  4. If this is the upstairs picture – then the other photo you reference is the downstairs connected by the winch and the bucket – or am I seeing too much in the photos??

  5. I also remember a connection with the Mines in this photo

  6. Just popping in for one second (should be in the deep dark Stacks – but don’t tell on me) – anyone care to investigate our Mr Meardon or Jackson or any other mine workers in the census? We know little or nothing about Mr Meardon… (at least I don’t think any of you census-ised him up to now?)

  7. [] The very best thing about this shot is the DOG:-). It is in such an unlikely spot that it is even more welcome.

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