With Faith I.T. [Insane Totally} #05

With Faith I.T. [Insane Totally} #05
Image by infamecless
New Season
for International Collage Weird Rotterdam City
coming soon

With Faith I.T (Insane Totally) – 5/10
27 x 33cm
22 May 2011 (second)

Handmade collage on thin cardboard

more info: The International Weird Collage Show

12 thoughts on “With Faith I.T. [Insane Totally} #05

  1. @ milanecia: Gracias Camila
    @ Nikolkon: Thanks man, I would like to collaborate with you on your new magazine
    @ Dr. Pek S’kool: Sr. Pek es cool, el material que se puede encontrar en su grandioso taller es realmente good shit 😉

  2. By the way, I saw your stuff in that Cutting Edges book: really beautiful artworks—it was exciting to see you there! (I bought a copy of the book because I’m a raw beginner at collage, so I want to learn more about it….)

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