XP on my iMac

XP on my iMac
Image by turbulentflow
hilarious. it works courtesy of Parallels

7 thoughts on “XP on my iMac

  1. it’s on the fly instead of booting into a single OS. I haven’t tried installing any windows specific s/w (other than Office) yet, but I don’t imagine it to be too great with a big program like AutoCAD or SolidWorks, etc.

  2. Bootcamp, you can run the OS properly, Parallels simply running an OS behind an OS.

    there’s a big difference between those application.

  3. Unless you want to play games or do serious graphics work, parallels works great. It’s not running an OS behind an OS, it’s running a virtual machine. Semantics I guess. But it works nice, with no rebooting required.

    Right now I have VS.NET 2005 running in Parallels and I’m able to still use the mac as the host and use all my mac apps… what’s not to love?

    By the way, parallels uses the VT-x hardware virtualization support built into the Core processors, so the performance is very good. Much, much better than emulation solutions like Virtual PC which are very slow.

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