Year 2, Day 179: Weird Al!!

Year 2, Day 179: Weird Al!!
Image by PunkJr
We got to go up on stage with Weird Al again this year!! =)

He’s always so awesome after the show, stopping by to thank all of us for coming out & helping him make the show awesome.

AND I got to do the Banana Dance up on stage in my armor!!!

Woo Hoo!! Made Explore!! =D

21 thoughts on “Year 2, Day 179: Weird Al!!

  1. LOVE this pic. I’m looking pretty scary in the background there, though. I so wish I could have gotten your banana dance in the video too…

  2. Awesomesauce.

    It was weird, for the first time in, what, 7 local concerts, I had no desire to go. Part of it was the lack of new material/album, and part having a 5 year old that can’t sit still for 20 minutes at a time.

    You coming back to the Fair or was that it? For Jack or something?

  3. heheehee….he always makes me think of my step dad who used to sing his songs, and those of Dr. Demento, to me when i was a kid!

    ooh my little hungry one, hungry one
    Open up a package of my bologna
    Ooh, I think the toast is done, toast is done
    Top it with a little of my bologna

    Never gonna stop, eat it up
    Such a tasty snack I always eat to much, then throw up
    But I’ll soon be back for my, my, my, yi, yi, woo
    M-m-m-my bologna

  4. very jealous. I waited around for hours after the show I went to in BC last week and he never showed. (the rest of the band came out)

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